During the symposium Concepts for our Future on May 21st (location: De Witte Dame, Eindhoven, 16:30-21:30, register here) participants will search for challenging and inspiring crossovers between the four main themes of the exposition.

It is going to be a creative and active evening!

16.30 – Welcome & registration
17.00 – Keynote Evert-Jan Ulrich
17.20 – Keynote Taco Stolk
17.40 – Theme introductions (4×5 mins) – Group chairs introductions presentation of islands with ‘living’ themes.
18.00 – Buffet – Grab some food and gather with team
18.15 – Theme exploration
18.45 – Crossover hunting! – Participants mix to find ideas & insights on the crossroads of the themes.
20.00 – Sharing ideas! – Teams present conclusions & insights. Chairs harvest ideas / conclusions.
20.45 – Plenary panel discussion – chairs present ideas / moderator conclusions
21.30 – Drinks & finish

Casper Koomen

Evert-Jan Ulrich
Taco Stolk

Stephan Verveen
Annechien Meier
Richard van Tilborg
David Lemereis

The insights and ideas that come forth from the discussion and brainstorming session become the starting point for the sequel of Play the Future: Make the Future.

Registration fee €10, students €5 (cash payment at entrance)