Make The Future

The concept of Serious Science Fiction is explored during the Make the Future festival connects fantasy and reality in a context of social innovation.

Rapidly developing applications of technology have a great impact on social and cultural circumstances. Both artists and scientists can anticipate on this with innovative solutions and concepts.

The application of 21st century knowledge en technological advancements on social/cultural domains offers fantastic opportunities! Social media, open source, diy electronics, open data, broadband mobile internet (among others) offer a huge potential of disruptive innovations that enable fundamental, as well as low-key and pragmatic, solutions.

The Make The Future festival is a project with an ongoing agenda:
1. Development of dynamic models through previous design sessions.
2. These are offered – in conjunction with productions of dreamt realities – to a broad audience at a public event during the Dutch Design Week.
3. The results are made available permanently to schools, organisations and citizens.
4. New design sessions are conceived through the feedback that will be received.


Designed fantasy
The Make The Future Festival is a daring attempt to bring dreamt futures and present reality closer together so we may develop a higher awareness about the future of our living space. Thus, giving citizens and commercial en cultural organisations a way to think freer and take strong futureproof decisions and actions. Making designs, fantasies and dreams available interactively and tangible causes a broad audience to become inspired and active participants.