Brain Battle

Play the Future #2: Brain Battle

Art Science debate event: two debate sessions alternated by a diner buffet.

From four o’clock in the afternoon untill ten post meridiam an interesting program will give you inspiration, allow you to meet people sharing the same curiosity and interest.

First session:

  • Faas Moonen – Associate Professor TU/e Engineering
  • Arne Hendriks – Artist and Curator
  • Wiepko Oosterhuis (moderator) – Media Advisor

Second session

  • Ben Schouten – Professor TU/e Industrial Design
  • Sander Veenhof – New Media artist
  • Carmin Karasic (moderator) – Media Artist

++ Food • Music • Movies • Games • Drinks • Performance

December 11, TAC, Vonderweg 1 Eindhoven – 16:00–22:00 hrs, adm. €10,-

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With Play the Future the boundaries between science and art will be exceeded. A project where art and technology meet and create new windows of opportunity.

These times of ours are serious and full of turbulence. The world finds itself standing before great challenges concerning the current global economic and ecologic crisis. New technological concepts are required to face these challenges head on. In Play the Future we search for answers and inspiring examples through the confrontation of the fine arts and the world of science.

Play the Future has been created as a program involving the big issues of our time: Energy, Health and Smart Mobility. The region of South-East Brabant (The Netherlands) holds an ecosystem that has developed around these sectors in a big way. We want to make use of this infrastructure to create a dialogue between the ‘autonomous’ worlds of Art and Science, leading to innovative research and development of new solutions for the future.

Interdisciplinary concepts and solutions are the current chains that move innovation. The artist and scientist are able to discover new directions and solutions by means of inquisitive and curious way of thinking and working. The confrontation of the scientist and the artist sharing the same fascination within these themes form the basis of this idea. These research form the central “heart” of Puls2012. This result becomes apparent in more than one form in an exhibition with installations, workshops, hackathons, lectures, performances and a publication.