Concepts for Our Future

The future is at stake!
Will you join Concepts for Our Future?

Developments in technology, our demography, the climate, the state of our food and natural resources are mindboggling. We need to grab opportunities while they are still available, before they are gone.

We want you to help us to map out our near future, and to determine together what needs to be done to get there. Help bring the world of tomorrow into focus. Which connections can you make between important current and upcoming changes?

Imagine the image of a sustainable city farmer working his roof garden, while a smart phone is measuring his body functions, and at the same time receiving advice for precision farming. In the mean time of course for relaxation playing a brain game with a friend somewhere far away.

The speed of changes in areas that affect all of us is so great that it is virtually impossible to see how it all connects. The future is approaching at increasing speed.
That is why we need to learn to adapt faster to new situations and circumstances. We can only do that by truly looking forward to what will be our reality in the future.

We produced a special conference, where our situation of nowadays and tomorrow will be researched from the viewpoint of four main themes. Then the process in which we will find ourselves in, will reveal itself.
We are in a spaceship! Who can discover new relations and define a new track? Which combinations provide the key to a better world?

Will it be 3D printed neurotransmitters, yoga practising exoskeletons, geoengineering ice-cannons or are we on our way towards a virtual village environment?

With representatives from inspiring sectors we link knowledge with fantasy and reality with expectations, wrecklessness with urgency…

At hand are: autarky, urban farming, cradle to cradle, robotics, wearables, up to alternate reality and singularity. A full spectrum, which range seems incomprehensible and is furthermore growing exponentially.

Together we know more than we now realize: when it comes down to it we bring solutions.

That time is now. Bring it on! We need to move from research to method, from observing in doing, from playing to making.

Are you in and will you make your intelligence available to this good cause?

De Witte Dame will be the stage for a creative encounter where we bring out the best in all of you. Ideas and conclusions will be spread by bloggers and visualisers. These will be collected as starting points and plans for future events. These ideas will become the last chapter in our Play The Future publication.

To participate in this challenging and gamechanging event, please register here.