Play the Future: Scenario City

The Future Arises

There is a continuously increasing acceleration happening in the development of technological applications, in the field of IT, bio-tech, nano-tech, etc. To maintain the connection with cultural affiliation it seems necessary to create a fundamental innovation in cultural thinking. Future-oriented thinking and acting is a strategic option to either develop in an adaptive manner as well as to create a directive demeanor to serve mankind and our society in general.

The sole of art is endlessly diverted likewise creative in both reflection and criticism on these developments, but CultureTechnology is becoming more and more the method to gain influence on humanising and preservation of processes and reality.

A new perspective is being advertised in the form of Serious Science Fiction, where parallel realities and scenarios of the future are being displayed, imagined, thought of and played. We now live in a time that was considered as science fiction let’s say fifty years ago. Often what appears to the general public as science fiction, ubiquitously becomes reality within the next five years.  This is the time to contemplate the future to anticipate from a cultural and societal liability. Scientists and artists are seen as the visionary and pioneers to benefit this goal. Especially because a number of qualities of science and art are greatly eligible to discover in dissentient, autonomous, lateral and chaotic manner, what the future might hold for humanity.

Because there is no time to loose we need to proceed “agile” and “lean”
and assume practice to prevail over theory. Our cities are the hotspots of human progress which becomes even more obvious in mobility, health and sustainability that are the anchor in this development. The most efficient environment to strive and imagine is a city, where several scenarios can evolve, envisage and experienced.

In Scenario City artists and scientists are being challenged to demonstrate their models, solutions and parallel realities.

Scenario City is a subsidary of Play The Future and will happen
during the DDW Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2013.